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In Greek Mythology Prometheus is credited with helping mortals live and prosper by giving them fire.  We want to take it one step further by letting you control your fire by the flick of a switch, the swipe of a finger, or the use of your voice.  We also want your fire feature to be safe and reliable.  So if you're planning a brand new feature, resurrecting an old one or if you have one that's just not acting right give us a call or email and we can help make your dream come true. Even if you didn't buy it from us please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.  We will be glad to help. 

We proudly sell and support the FBD AWEIS and FBD automated torches.  If you know exactly what you need or want the online store is here for your convenience.  But if you have questions or just not sure what's going to work for your application please call or contact us so we can set your mind at ease that you are getting the right product for your fire or water feature.  We love doing custom projects no matter if it's a single fire feature in your backyard or 100+ features at your resort.  Call or submit your plans/ ideas thru email.  We can work with anything from detailed plans to sketches on napkins.



Do you provide International delivery?


We ship internationally via FEDEX.  If you would like to arrange your own shipping either with your FEDEX acct or with a third party exporter please contact us and we can set this up.



How do I return an item?


Please see our return policy on our technical support page.



What is your returns policy?


Please see our return policy on our technical support page.

How do I track my order?

Most electronic ignition systems leave the warehouse in 2 weeks. Some bowls and fire tables will take longer. we will send tracking info to the email address you provide when your product ships.

How can I contact your couriers?


Unless you have provided your own shipping acct information please contact us with any shipping concerns and we will promptly get updated shipping info for you..



What are your delivery options?


Most items are shipped via FEDEX ground service.  If you prefer expedited service please contact us directly and we will gladly arrange this for you..  Bowls and other large items are shipped via LTL freight direct from the manufacturer.


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